Pilots think UFOs exist because they’ve had strange encounters, and Brian Cox agrees.

Brian Cox talks about UFOs

Are UFOs real?

If you believe in UFOs, according to Brian Cox, you’re not in the twilight zone. Because he believes that the universe contains about 200 billion more civilizations.

As professor Cox confesses, ‘we’re not alone.’ The US Pentagon will disclose declassified records containing 120 close encounters by US military pilots reviewed by its Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

The rock physicist’s assertion comes as the US Pentagon prepares to unveil declassified files on the presence of UFOs later this month, dubbed the “real-life X-Files.”

“There had to be other civilizations in the universe,” he remarked in an interview with the Sunday Mirror. I don’t believe we’re the only ones.”

Captured by US aircraft image credits: Dnevno.hr

Prof. Cox believes alien visitors may be exploring our planet using robot ships, similar to what NASA is doing presently in the solar system. He asks, “Why send Battlestar Galactica when you could send something smaller than an iPhone?”

UFOs and aliens
We’d all like ET to come down, but not Darth Vadar, according to Brian Cox. image credits: mirror.co.uk

The Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and the FBI reviewed 120 close encounters by US military pilots.

Evidence from US Navy fighter pilot Alex Dietrich is included. She spoke publicly for the first time last month about her own UFO experience.

On November 14, 2004, the lieutenant commander, he is now a professor at the US Navy Academy,. he got stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz off the coast of California.

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