Poetry To The Thieves Who Do Not Stop Stealing Plants.

Poetry To The Thieves Who Do Not Stop Stealing Plants.

Upon learning that some of their flowers were missing to stop a thief, the frustrated plant lover pasted the poem on the fence of their retirement home.

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We are all familiar with the classic indifferent-aggressive note written when someone is wronged, but one adult gardener has come up with a unique way to try and attract a plant thief to keep their flowers alone – by writing a poem.

They were uploaded to the r/CasualUK forum by a traveler who saw it, headlined the post: “When retirees go crazy, they’re poetic. Good luck to them!”

The poem reads: “Oh neighbors, you will share our grief,

Image credits: CasualUk

A thief has stolen our plants,

“Oleanders have taken – newly planted,

“It simply came to our notice then

“To improve day by day.

“We would love to share with you.

“So thief, if you have any feelings.

“To those you steal

“It simply came to our notice then.

“(Always assume it is your intention)

“But retirees are from us – OAP’s

“For the plants, we pay, so replace them, please.”

Critics of the post were outraged at the thought of someone stealing flowers from an adult, and many were confused as to why anyone would want to plant first.

One wrote: “Stealing plants from a retirement home, how much trash can someone get?” 

Another said. “And who steals the plants from the earth? I do not understand that this is a problem.”

The third wrote: “Those who steal from the veil are the worst. I can understand why you steal a parcel that can bring financial benefits, but stealing plants is. why, above all. “

Others suggested that the poster go to the retirement home and get back the plants they lost.

One person said: “Is there contact information for residents/property? You can add a care package for them!”

For a second, he wrote: “I put a bag of bulbs over the fence for that effort.”