Robert Fyfe, Who Played Howard In Last Of The Summer Wine, Has Died At The Age Of 90.

Robert Fyfe, Who Played Howard IIn Last Of The Summer Wine, Has Died At The Age Of 90.

According to reports, Robert Fyfe, who starred in the film Last of the Summer Wine, has died at the age of 90. The actor who played Howard Sibshaw initially appeared on the famous BBC sitcom in 1985 and remained a devoted cast member until the program was canceled in 2010. Fans adored his character, constantly attempting to keep his intense romance with Marina hidden from his wife, Pearl. Maxine Hoffman, Robert’s former manager, described him as “the most charming client anybody could hope for,” as well as “a genuinely gifted and varied actor and highly loved by everyone he worked with.”

Robert was loved by many for his quick wit on the programme

The actor, born Robert Douglas Fyfe, had a long career that began in 1962 and ended in 2018. He originally appeared in Dr. Finlay’s Casebook before performing in films like Around the World in 80 Days and Cloud Atlas. Robert also featured in seven episodes of Coronation Street as Malcolm Lagg, the lollipop man who was about to give over the position to Dennis Tanner.

Fans have raced to social media to express their condolences after the news of his passing broke. One saddened fan expressed her grief on Twitter, writing: “Robert Fyfe, rest in peace. You’ve left your imprint. Thank you very much.”

“Oh, my goodness. Robert Fyfe, rest in peace. Thank you for providing us with so many laughs throughout the years, “another person stated.

In the meantime, a third typed: “Howard was a hilarious character performed to perfection by Robert Fyfe in Love Summer Wine. At the very least, he’ll see a lot of the Holmfirth gang again. Robert, may you rest in peace.”

“I’m heartbroken to learn that Robert Fyfe, who played Howard in Last of the Summer Wine so beautifully, has died at the age of 90. Our hearts go out to his family and friends, “A fourth was tweeted.

Robert was always sneaking off from on-screen wife Pearl to engage in an affair with Marina

Before the addition of a fifth: “I’m curious as to which lady awaited him at the gates / Marina or Pearl? #RobertFyfe, thank you for all the laughs.”

According to the article, both of Robert’s on-screen loves, Pearl (played by Juliette Kaplan) and Marina (played by Jean Fergusson), died in 2019.

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