Strange and Beautiful Animals that go against the Laws of Nature – from Cyclops Shark to Penis pig.

the cyclops shark

There are many strange and weird creatures yet not discovered in the  planet.

Three Eyed Calf.

image credits: Malan Hughes WS

This week, a veterinarian stumbled across one of the oddest things. They have never seen: a cow with three eyes staring back at them.

It was at the tuberculosis checking cattle on a farm in Gwynedd, Wales Malan Hughes discovered the rare calf.

This cow with three eyes ranked among the world’s strangest animals. The the view of the eye from outside looks normal  with eyelashes, eyelids and moist. It seems like a lubricant being secreted.

Snake with an extra leg.

What if you see the creature climbing the wall to your bedroom at night? The grandmother, Dean Qiongxiu found this snake with an extra leg. It was found on the wall and the 66 year old Grandmother beat the snake to death.

Snake with a foot
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The snake was nearly 16 inches long and thick at a size of a finger. The body of the snake that was put inside a bottle was sent to Life Sciences Department at China. Many experts were surprised about this mutation.

Albino kangaroo.

The Albino kangaroo has unusual white fur. It was found at Vogelpark in Marlow, Germany.

The Kangaroo is named as Albert, it was born with a genetic mutation in 2011.

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Cat with wings.

During the warm weather in China, they spotted wings growing on the cat. The wings even contained bones.

A cat owner said the media: “At first they were just two bumps, but they started to grow quickly, and after a month there were two wings.”

The development has been attributed to a skin disorder by geneticists, but records of cats with wings date back to the late 1800s, with some having super-elasticated skin.

cat with wings
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Penis pig.

Over the years, China’s severe air quality issues have been responsible for a slew of deformities, none more so than this unfortunate piglet.

The pig was found in 2014, had a human face and a phallus-shaped growth protruding from its forehead, according to locals.

penis pig
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Cyclops Shark.

The Cyclops Shark was found by fishermen at the Coast of Mexico. Fisherman were shocked by it’s appearance.

The creature was inside a pregnant dusky shark. It was found in 2001.

It was thought to have cyclopia, a congenital disorder that affects a variety of animals, including human.

Adult sharks, on the other hand, have never been identified with the condition, as it is doubtful that they will live in the wild.

Cyclops shark
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Largest Croc in the world.

Lolong, the world’s largest captive crocodile at one time, is proof that size does matter.

The Croc is almost six metre long. In 2011, the croc was killed by the locals in Philippines. The size of the Croc attracted so many tourists. It weighed more than 1,000kg. The Croc is kept in an Eco park, it is considered as the biggest crocodile in captivity by Guinness World Records.

Lolong had a bloated stomach which got him killed in 2013.

World's biggest killer crocodile
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The Big Rabbit.

Do all the big beasts have to be tough and terrifying? No, it is proved by this Giant Flemish Rabbit.

The Rabbit was a orphan and the workers wanted to find him a new home. The photo is taken at Llys Nini Animal Centre in Swansea. Bugsy is a three year old well grown Rabbit.

The cute Bugsy is almost the size of a dog.

These Flemish type rabbits are called, “King of Rabbits,” because they grow way bigger than the normal sized rabbits. These rabbits are also very family friendly creatures.

Flemish big rabbit
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