Texting Nightmare Depits That You Are Killing Your Relationship In 5 Stages

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Generally, we all engage in texting for different and different reasons. It could be for business purposes, professional texting. But as we know, the most common use of texting is to communicate with our significant other. Trust me, and we mess up a lot more than we think! So let me let you go through a few SMS traps that can fall open to anyone. We promise that if you learn about these stages that will gradually lead to the destruction of your relationship, you will be able to maintain a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Texting Nightmare Depits That You Are Killing Your Relationship In 5 Stages

Stage 1: Attention is required

Various social media platforms have made us people to focus on. We all now have a gadget in our hands that allows us to connect with everyone we know. With this ability, we unconsciously assume that we can get people’s attention at any time. Of course, this may be true, but humans can’t maintain such a fast pace of healthy interpersonal relationships. This is almost every miscommunication that arises, and this is why it should be emphasized.

Stage Two: Feeling abandoned

Texting Nightmare Depits That You Are Killing Your Relationship In 5 Stages


Sometimes, you want to spend more time online, but you do not get to do it. This often happens due to a feeling of isolation or isolation. Of course, based on the feeling that we have a right to people’s time, we have some attachment that feels more pronounced. While this may seem harsh or laughable to some, we are all guilty of doing this to varying degrees. On the other hand, this does not depict that everyone is suddenly insane, but we expect more from it than we can get from texting.

Step 3: You stick to your phone.

The main problem of this generation is sticking to their phones. It becomes an illness when you feel the need to communicate regularly with your boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend (s). Texting can be detrimental to relationships because it robs face-to-face quality time texting. Therefore, without realizing it, we become somewhat socially embarrassed and always lead to misunderstandings and despair, hoping for a virtual confirmation.

Stage 4: Not intimate enough

We believe that texting can bring us closer and closer, and the truth is the opposite. Texting often detracts from the natural way we communicate with each other and complicates matters. We suddenly become increasingly concerned about why each person does not respond immediately, why they use those emojis (is this neutral-aggressive?) And why do they put that stop? We get because of this particular thing, and we start to wonder why we have problems. That is because it does not feel close enough.

Stage 5: Heated arguments about the text

Texting Nightmare Depits That You Are Killing Your Relationship In 5 Stages

Given all of the above tendencies, given that a text argument would be utterly disastrous. It depends on the people involved; however, miscommunication happens without a doubt. On the other hand, the funniest thing is arguing about the most trivial and unimportant things. The cause of World War III, which is happening on a virtual scale, is now becoming something that can no longer be considered a problem. The most common provocations use specific words or phrases out of context and the ‘representation’ of how people say something (the tone of the head!) In the head. Those factors make people unnecessarily more aggressive and resentful. Primarily, it inevitably leads to the end of a relationship.

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