The 6-Year-Old Girl Born With “Two Noses And A Trunk” Became A Celebrity After Being Worshipped As A Deity.

The 6-year-old girl born with "two noses and a trunk" became a celebrity after being worshipped as a deity.

A six-year-old girl was compared to a Hindu God after being born with a “trunk” that was surgically removed and left with two noses. Lakshimi, who resides in Uttar Pradesh, north India, initially frightened her community. Because of her unusual appearance, but people soon realized she was a force to be reckoned with. The young girl, the family’s fourth child, underwent surgery to correct the abnormality, which turned her into an unusual star when she was lauded for having a second nose. Children were allegedly scared by Lakshimi’s appearance at first, but she has since been honored by those who believe she is an incarnation of Lord Ganesha, a Hindu god.

Lakshimi has been hailed for her looks as locals compare her to a Hindu God in India
Her family are looking for financial aid to help Lakshimi lead a more normal life

Lakshimi, which means goddess of wealth and prosperity, was given to her by the locals. People ask for her blessings and offer her money and presents at festivals.

Lakshimi has become a local celebrity

A three-headed infant was praised as a divinity in a similar instance reported in the Star in July of this year. Since the baby’s birth in Uttar Pradesh was publicized on July 12, strangers in India have allegedly made pilgrimages to view it. Ragini, the mother, is thought to have had a “normal” and healthy pregnancy, making the delivery of a three-headed kid all the more surprising.

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