The Deaf Boy Adopted A Deaf Puppy And Taught Him Sign Language.

More Info & Image Courtesy: NFR Maine | Lindsay Powers | Nick Abbott

As online awareness programs have become popular, many people prefer to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them with care. Nick Abbott was one of those people who decided to adopt a dog. Nick’s specialty is that he is deaf; He was born deaf. He decided to adopt deaf Emerson. With the help of NFR Main staff, the dog was released from a Florida shelter when it was one and a half months old. AS NFR Maine explained, Emerson’s childhood was challenging; He had a seizure after being found on the streets with his siblings. After being hospitalized, Emerson contracted parvovirus, a highly contagious viral disease that can result in intestinal or heart attacks.

Lindsay Powers of NFR Main said they found out he was deaf after he returned from the vet. However, they did not know if he had been born deaf or dumb. He posted a photo of Emerson online, intending to find a family who would take good care of him. After a while, Abbott asked for the puppy and called; He said he was interested in raising the puppy. He informed them that he was deaf, so he believed that the two could bond and that the adoption process was over in as little as 24 hours.

The deaf boy adopted a deaf puppy and taught him sign language.

Their relationship was unique. As Nick’s mother later said, they meant to be together. With simple commands like sit down, come here and sleep, Nick begins to teach his dog sign language, and Emerson growls when Nick touches his ear area.

The deaf boy adopted a deaf puppy and taught him sign language.

Especially, Nick has also started an Instagram page for him and his dog, sharing their adventures and travels. They share their new tactics and updates from their new lives as “two deaf boys and their adventurers.”

The deaf boy adopted a deaf puppy and taught him sign language.

Now both Nick and Emerson are delighted. As Powers explained, Emerson had a tough start, and it later turned into a fairy tale.


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