The Gray Whale Mother Removes Her Young From The Water To Allow The Boatmen To Pet Them.

The Gray Whale Mother Removes Her Young From The Water To Allow The Boatmen To Pet Them.

More Info & Image Courtesy: One World One Ocean

We all have fun, especially in areas with turquoise-blue oceans and areas with sea creatures. Significantly, the beauty of the sea cannot be described in words. A group of tourists recently went on vacation to see the ocean views. They went to the San Ignacio Lagoon, which is situated in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. This small group of tourists went on a cruise and observed a large boat moving under their boat. They were a bit scared and nervous at first as they could not identify the large mass. It turned out to be a whale trying to be friendly with humans.

The gray whale mother removes her young from the water to allow the boatmen to pet them.

She did not come to see the tourists alone, but instead, she came with her calf. The calf is also lifted out of the water to display the mother whale. Fortunately, these tourists were even able to touch both the mother and the whale. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and they were overjoyed. Every winter, hundreds of gray whales travel 6,000 miles from their feeding grounds in Alaska. During January and April, these creatures come to San Ignacio Lagoon to mate and give birth. They prefer this particular place because of the shallow water.

If you visit this area, you will hear the ‘of Fft’ sound of whales coming out of their planes every time they come to the surface of the ocean. This sound is known as the most nourishing and soft sound in the world. The area is famous for whale watching because of its large number of whales. Local authorities have taken the necessary steps to maintain a balance between tourism and conservation. They sought to eliminate many of the major threats to whales in the lagoon. Whale watching guides also play an important role in protecting whales and ending whaling.

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