The Man Who Created a Tool to Uplift Local Business on Amazon.

This is the story of; Jonathan Sandals, a man who created a tool on Amazon; Sook, to help small businesses.

Sandals moved into Seattle in 2019. He was experiencing Seattle with a fresh pair of eyes as he saw that the boutique and small businesses were a big part of the community there. After observing the operation of the community, Sandals came up with his idea to help them with his expertise.

Image courtesy: Sook (screenshot).

Finally, he launched a google extension on Amazon’s home page. It helps anyone to find the local boutique store listings ‘next door’.

Sandals worked in Advertising and marketing for 12 years before moving into Seattle to start over as a marketing strategist for online content. It grew with small businesses based in Seattle, but it is now signing up stores from over 20 cities.

Image courtesy: Jonathan Sandals.

What Mr. Sandals witnessed over the years is that the bigger businesses are taking over the online shopping websites and it is almost impossible for the small business owners to put up a fight against these bigger shopping monopolies in play.

Image courtesy: Sook (screenshot).

Since people are overwhelmed by the streaming online platforms, particularly in shopping; they would not spend their time and attention combing through millions of search results to specifically browse a smaller store when among the majority of the results. So, Sook signs up only small businesses so that the customers will get easy access to do their shopping, hence meeting the requirements of both ends.