The PrettyLittleThing Dress Surprises The Woman.

The PrettyLittleThing Dress Surprises The Woman.

A woman becomes hit out PrettyLittleThing has come out after receiving a dress likened to a ‘big bag’ by Tiktok viewers ever since.

Ordering clothes online is always risky because you can’t try them out before you buy them.

Is it appropriate? Does it look like a sample shoot on the website?

One woman who took a risk on a dress from PrettyLittleThing was not surprised when it arrived.

With a picture of Mckenzie’s mini dress, it’s more than 7.6 million looks when you try it once on Tiktok. 

The satin dress, which retails for $ 18, is described on the website as a “year-round wardrobe.”

the prettylittlething dress surprises the woman
Image credits: @mckenziesanderson / Instagram

The site suggests shoppers “pair this dress with a dotted necklace and just a heel.”

But when McKenzie receives her order, it does not match her expectations. Instead, its shapeless style is likened to a black bag.

McKenzie uploaded a video of her purchase with the caption: “Yes, it’s the right size. Nice little thing. I want my money back.”

And also, the video has reached more than 1.8 million views and 14,000 views since its publication.

One person said: “Girl, don’t scare me like this. I bought gifts from them for my best friend.”

how the prettylittlething dress looked like
Image credits: @mckenziesanderson / Instagram

Another viewer revealed: McKenzie replies with a skull emoji, “I’ll order this one too,” “Well, you accept the warning.”

“Are you wearing a garbage bag?” A third person commented, and another Tic Tac Toe user said, “Why are you wearing bedsheets?”

Meanwhile, another said: “GIRL PLS Tell me U GOT UR MONEY BACK.”

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