The Super – Fun, Unconventional Christmas Tree By A Young Couple For The 6th Time!

Emily Seilhamer and her husband carried on this weird, but the fun tradition of creating their own unconventional Christmas trees for the last 5 years. This year they mixed things up and pushed up the scale a bit crazier than they used to. 

The giant cone was wrapped around with yarn, soaked in a mixture of 15 pounds of corn starch with 2 pounds of glue. It took around a week for the yarn to be solid enough so the mold could be slipped off and decorated into the beautiful Christmas tree as seen below. 

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#1 Completed! 

Our ingredient list 

The mold is the base of the entire operation 

Plastic wraps help the glue to stick onto the yarn, not the mold 

It does not look easy since it isn’t 

Water balloons are transformed into ornaments as well 

The tree when the mold is removed 

String up the ornaments with lights 

The elements added gives the tree its life! 

All set! 

Watch the whole process in this video!

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