The Swedish Lady With Her Domestic Giant Cat.

The Swedish Lady With Her Domestic Giant Cat.

This is a fantastic story of a big pet cat belonging to a Swedish woman. Especially, this cat, which is as tall as its owner, belongs to the genus Majestic Maine. They are said to have descended from the mysterious lineage of Norwegian wildcats from the past. This type of pf cat is the giant domestic cat in the world. 

This cat weighs about 25 pounds, but it looks even more significant because it has a huge fur coat. Cats have their own Instagram account, which has 350,000 followers, and people can view photos and videos of it. The owner named this cat the Lotus Flower. The lotus is a cute pet, but it also enjoys the outdoors; Its ancestral original playing field. Check out a bunch of fantastic pictures, and please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image courtesy: lotus_the_mainecoon

Lotus the huge cat


sleeping with lotus

cute lotus

huge lotus baby

lotus in snow

lotus in snow

the huge cat

lotus the cat

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