The ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Is One Of The Most Attracting Birds Ever And Can Grow To The Size Of A Turkey.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

There is indeed a tendency for people to be attracted to beauty, nature, and flawless methods. It is a part of nature, and it has never failed to experience our life. Through beauty, nature gently touches our souls. Mountains, trees, oceans, animals, and even tiny insects are all valuable expressions of Mother Nature, and each has its way of touching our souls. While appreciating the inspiration of nature, our concerns range from the remarkably large blue-gray pigeons to beautiful blue lace-like logos, maroon breasts, and red stripes. This fantastic blue dove is known as the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Image courtesy: The Virginia Zoo

beautiful pigeon

These blue pigeons inhabit the lowland and swamp forests of northern New Guinea and the surrounding islands. Especially, they usually travel in pairs or small parties in search of food. They are constantly walking through the forest.

beautiful birds

When these pigeons are disturbed, they are called ground birds, and they fly straight into a canopy or a large horizontal branch of a large forest tree. After getting into trouble, they spend a considerable amount of time contacting calls and spreading their tails.


Unfortunately, like many animals, these beautiful creatures are widely hunted for their meat and feathers, and their habitat is being destroyed by deforestation, making these rare blue pigeons considered endangered.


Many animals have a unique expression at a young age.


They looked at our soul through the amazing red iris.


crowned pigeons

birds nest


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