This 6-foot-9-Inch Russian Woman Claims To Have The World’s Longest Legs

This 6-foot-9-inch Russian woman claims to have the world's longest legs.

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Unofficially, this Russian woman, who stands at 6 feet 9 inches tall, possesses the world’s longest legs. Rentsenkhorloo Bud, or Ren as she is known, was the same height as her teacher in first grade, and her legs are now as long as other people’s entire height at 29 years old. Ren got her extraordinary height from her 6’10” tall father and 6’1″ tall mother, although other people get surgery to make them taller. Her legs alone are a whopping 52.8 inches long, equivalent to 4 feet and 3 inches.

She felt awful at school since she stood out more than the others because she was Mongolian. But, over time, she overcomes her insecurities and has matured into a self-assured 6 foot, 9-inch tall lady. “She realized she was exceptional and different from other people. Therefore she was more proud of her height,” her mother stated in an interview.

She loves showing off her long legs in shorts, and she often wears high heels to make herself appear taller. “I prefer to wear shorts and high heels to make my legs appear longer,” she explained. She enjoys the activities she can partake in as a result of her height.

This 6-foot-9-inch Russian woman claims to have the world's longest legs

The tall package also comes with a slew of drawbacks. Ren struggles to squeeze through most entrances and has to crush her way inside her automobile. Finding clothing that fits her big frame is even more difficult.

She becomes the center of attention wherever she goes, and the compliments she receives make her feel perfect about herself. Who wouldn’t want to be approached by a stranger and asked, “Are you a model?” or “Can I take a picture with you?”

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