Unnoticed Plane Features Include A Button That Allows You To Generate More Room.

Unnoticed plane features include a button that allows you to generate more room.

If you’ve ever wished for more space on a trip or wondered why the windows are round, look no further: here are some fascinating hidden plane characteristics. How attentive do you think you were on your flight? Here are several secret buttons and lesser-known functions that may have passed you by entirely unnoticed.


Here are some hidden plane features you may have never noticed

To begin, there is a hidden button under your armrest that may provide you with additional space. The button allows you to raise the armrest out of the way. It has a more practical function in addition to providing you with extra room. The feature was created to let passengers evacuate more quickly in an emergency and make it easier for persons with impairments to enter and exit the aisle.

Overhead lockers

Have you ever looked closely at the overhead lockers?

Have you ever noticed cabin crew members gliding down the aisle, their hands appearing to brush against the overhead lockers? What they’re truly doing is maintaining their equilibrium. That’s because, although being hidden in plane flight, there’s an integrated railing there that few people are aware of. And it’s a good thing that’s there since it stops passers-by from snatching your headrest.

Plane Windows

Don't panic if you see the tiny holes in plane windows

Have you ever wondered why plane windows aren’t square but round? We hadn’t either. But it’s because it relieves pressure from the outside, while square windows’ corners can’t handle it as well. Every plane window also has a tiny hole in it to relieve pressure and maybe save your life.

Wing hooks

You might not even see the golden hooks on the planes’ wings since they are so tiny. They are, nevertheless, one of the most crucial aspects, particularly in an emergency. During evacuations, passengers use ropes linked to the hooks via the airplane door to traverse the wings. So, despite their small size and insignificance, they might be critical if something went wrong.

Toilet Ashtrays

Smoking may be banned but there's still ashtrays

Even though smoking is prohibited on flights, an ashtray may be found in the restroom. Because airlines feel it is better to be safe than sorry, this is the case. If a sly passenger sneaks a cigarette into the restroom and dumps it in the trash disposal container, they risk starting a fire. As a result, ashtrays stay in place if a passenger breaches the regulations, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Secret stash

Under the mirror on some Delta planes is a hidden button. When you push it, you’ll discover sanitary pads, tissues, paper bags, and hand lotion refills within. So, if you’re ever in need of a last-minute item, a quick examination of the mirror won’t hurt.

Handle exits

There are two sets of handles on exit doors, one of which you may not have seen. It is, once again, a feature intended for an emergency exit. They assist crew members in keeping the plane afloat while manning the exit as passengers depart. It protects them from being forced down the slide during a frantic escape, at least in principle.

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