Ways to Calm Down In Just Two Breaths: Taught By Buddhist Monks.

All you have to do is breath! These simple exercises we found will help you calm down frayed nerves. It is recommended to do these exercises not more than  5-10 times in a row. Let’s see what we got here.

Breathing helps to get rid of stress:

Breathing helps to get rid of stress.
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You just have to sit straight, close your eyes and to always think positive.

To get rid of stress:

To reduce stress
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Take some deep breaths, hold it for 4 seconds and after than exhale slowly until the breath is gone. Wait for 5 seconds and inhale again.

For relaxing and clearing the mind:

for relaxing and clearing your mind:
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Place one hand on the back of your head and the other on your forehead. This will assist to increase blood flow to certain areas of your head, which will aid to relieve stress. Breathe in and out evenly, with a short interval between inhaling and exhaling, without withdrawing your hands.

Calm your nerves:

calm your nerves
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Take a deep breath and through a slightly open mouth breath forcefully. Push the air inside the mouth out in very less potions when exhaling.

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Know how to yawn on purpose? Open your mouth wide until you feel the strain on the lower jaw, then breath evenly. Then you should feel the lungs getting filled with air, hold it for 2 seconds and slowly and calmly breath out.

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Let the air out of your open lips while completely inhaling and without holding your breath. Make a circle with your lips. Breathe out a bit of the air at a time. The initial segment of the exhale should be the longest, with each subsequent segment containing progressively less air. Wait 5-10 seconds after you’ve completely breathed before repeating the breathing exercise.