What Happens If An Airplane Window Explodes During the Journey?

Although emergencies are very rare, for many of us, traveling by plane can be stressful. At the same time, some people can find a way out of any situation: for example, this man fixed the cracked airplane window next to him with clear tape.

This has happened before.

Airplane Window Explodes
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There are several stories related to broken aircraft windows; here are some of them.

In 1990, during a British Airways flight 5390, one of the windscreen panels detached, and the aircraft’s captain was taken out of the cabin. Fortunately, an air hostess caught the pilot at the last minute and held him until the plane landed, so he survived.

A similar incident occurred in 2018 year when a windshield exploded in the middle of an Airbus A319 aircraft. Fortunately, the aircraft’s co-pilot was fitted with seat belts, so he was partially detonated from the aircraft and had no serious injuries.

What happens on the plane.

what happens within the plane
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In this situation, before anything else, you will hear a loud noise due to depressurization. The air pressure inside the cabin is higher than the air outside the cabin, and the occupants can breathe normally. If a window breaks, the air inside escapes at high speed, so it carries small objects such as phones or magazines. Depressurization’s other effects include a decrease in temperature and air pressure and fog or mist from condensation in the plane.

If this happens to you.

if this happens to you in the plane
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As with most emergencies, the most important rule is not to panic. In addition, it is a good idea to have your seat belts fitted whenever you are sitting. Once the oxygen mask is down, wear one, and then help your child or those around you. The crew will begin an emergency landing, and the descent will be faster to minimize the risk to passengers. You can remove the mask as soon as the aircraft reaches a safe altitude.

The planes are still safe.

Planes are safe still
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Air travel is a safe place, and it is safe. In addition, when an emergency, such as depressurization, occurs, windows are rarely the cause: it occurs in only 2.7% of all pressure failures. They have several layers made of Plexiglas or acrylic plastic, durable, and have a small hole.

What if the airplane window get explored in the plane? what will be your reaction? Let us know your opinions in the comments. Thank you!