When A Kitten Has Seizures, Little Piglet Comforts Her

When a kitten has seizures, Little Piglet comforts her.

Have you ever heard of a tale about a cat and a piglet becoming friends? Well, neither do I. It turns out that the cute black cat can’t get through the day without his piglet pal. Sriracha is the cat’s name, and her tale before meeting the piglet isn’t quite joyful. Sriracha is a cat with a rare neurological disease who was born with it. As a result, she has trouble walking and occasionally loses her equilibrium. She also suffers from seizures. Fortunately, her newfound buddy has been able to assist her in putting on a brave face in the face of adversity.

When a kitten has seizures, Little Piglet comforts her.

Her piglet pal has also been through a lot due to his youth. He’s just two weeks old, but he was orphaned shortly after birth, and life hasn’t been easy since then. They were fortunate enough to find each other and are now enjoying their own happily ever after fairy-tale.

The two met at Rancho Relaxo, a New Jersey rescue center. The two have been inseparable since their first meeting. The piglet recognized the kitten’s need for assistance from the beginning, and he continued to offer it every day.

On Facebook, rescuer Caitlin Cimini wrote, “He grew so connected to Sriracha.” “I swear he’s aware that she’s had a rough couple of days and feels compelled to console her.”

After their video was published online, this beautiful couple became viral. The kitten had a seizure in the video, and the piglet rushed to hug her and soothe her down. The fact that this moment was captured on tape was a huge blessing. It’s very heartbreaking. Check it out for yourself.

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