Why has an average man’s grave become a symbol of love, with thousands of visitors each year?

Why has an average man's grave become a symbol of love, with thousands of visitors each year?

Victor Noir’s grave is being visited by thousands of women every year but there’s nothing special about his life. What’s the secret behind Victor Noir?

Victor Noir's grave
Image credits: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

While the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are undoubtedly top-of-mind for visitors to Paris, one of the city’s lesser-known attractions is its cemetery, particularly Pere-Lachaise.

The 100-acre site, which is visited by about 3 million people each year, is the final resting place for prominent luminaries such as Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and Jim Morrison.

Among the notable memorials, however, is a burial that has gained cult status despite the fact that its owner had a quite regular life.

Until his death in 187, Victor Noir worked as an apprentice journalist for the French daily La Marseillaise. His death occurred when he was just 22.

Despite having a very ordinary career, Noir was assassinated by Prince Pierre Bonaparte, Napoleon III’s cousin, ruler at that time. The prince had challenged the editor to a battle after being offended by La Marseillaise’s views on his family.

Noir was dispatched as a second to set up a meeting time and location, but a scuffle broke out during the exchange, and Bonaparte killed Noir.

The death sparked public indignation, especially after Pierre Bonaparte was acquitted of murder. It even sparked a series of violent protests.

The Noir’s grave was created by Jules Dalou, it is the same size of a regular man. The grave is known as, ‘the sexiest tomb in the cemetery.’

The person is flat on his back, his coat open and his cap tucked between his toes. Noir’s trousers are partially unbuttoned, a strange artist choice by Dalou that may be responsible for the legends that currently surround his burial.

Noir's grave
Image credits: R.V. Bulck

The belief is that the women who comes to the grave, keeps a flower in his hat and kiss on his lips will get herself a husband within the particular year.

There’s also a chance that the statue will bring you fertility. While the majority of the effigy is an oxidized shade of green, the metal at its lips, feet, and trousers has been rubbed gleaming, which many people appear to believe.

The fact that Noir was engaged to be married at the time of his death adds to the sense of love and fecundity.

The statue is very unique in the graveyard. There was a fence built around the statue 15 years ago, however it was taken down due to high population of women in Paris.