Woman Accidently Sends X-rated Snap to Family Group.

Woman Accidently Sends X-rated Snap to Family Group.

Woman feels really uncomfortable after accidently posting a X-rated meme in the family group.

Group conversations may be either unpleasant (continuous alerts) or really fun, depending on who is in them, but you must be cautious not to mix them up and contact the incorrect person.

Riley, an anonymous lady, said how her family’s group chat got much more intriguing after she unintentionally posted an X-rated photograph for someone else.

Her aunt has created the group to update them about her sick dog. So the chat was all about well wishes, until Riley sent an something really bad to the group. In a TikTok video, Riley explains about the way her aunt manages the group by sending updates regarding her sick doggy.


i’m still so sorry mimi #BestSeatInTheHouse #mybad #fyp #greenscreenvideo #thosearemyknees

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Riley’s message was, “Sometimes you eat the a**. Other days, the a** eats you.”

She suddenly sent another message saying, “OMG. WRONG CHAT. Wow, I’m so sorry.”

Woman Accidently Sends X-rated Snap to Family Group.
image credits: @Lemonss28 / TikTok
texts on the family group chat
image credits: @Lemonss28 / TikTok

They asked her to delete the text but she replied saying them to delete the message for themselves since she’s unable to delete it.

Riley then had to explain everyone how to erase the image step by step, with images ensuring that the offensive image was given to everyone many times.

After that her mother asked her to go back to work.

Her video on TikTok went viral for almost 400,000 views. It also reached 30,000 likes.

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