After The Job Interview, a woman is offered a stripper job and is embarrassed.

After The Job Interview, a woman is offered a stripper job and is embarrassed.

A woman shared her story on Reddit, and she walked into a bar club and came to work saying she did not know Cuff had organized an interview. She has been called for a Stripper job. 

Stripper club
She had no idea she’d just organized an interview at a strip club Image credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A woman has revealed that she got a job as a stripper after an accidental interview – she had to pretend that she had changed her mind when they called her.

The woman, who shared her story anonymously, said she was looking for a new local haunt when she stumbled across a place she had never seen before.

There were no surprising advertisements in the building. And there was no clue on the outside. Especially as to what the building was for, she investigated and spoke with a tall brown woman.

She saw some poles and pictures of helpless women, but ’18, stupid, no clue ‘so she thought nothing of it and befriended the woman from that place.

woman's interview at stripper club
Image credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sharing her story about Reddit, the woman said: “She was in complete shock, but I wanted to ‘stay calm,’ so I told her I lived nearby and was thinking about staying there for a while. And also asked for more information about the location.

She looked at me three times from head to toe before asking, “How old are you?” Then, she invited me inside to get to know the place and also her business partner. I thought I would get a free drink or something and decided to go with the flow.

“This is where I had to guess what was going on because when I went in, I saw a stage with posters and poles of half-naked people.”

She later introduced the manager as ‘the lovely girl who wanted to know more about the club’ and was alone with him.

She then answered all the questions and said yes, why she liked to dance, and left her details before going out.

She added: “When he asked me questions like did I do drugs and other super personal things, he asked me to sit down. I was puzzled, but only when he requested to see my ID did I realize that I was in a job interview.

“I was paralyzed and did not know what to do, so I gave him my ID. After the best look, he told me the club was closed for repairs, but they were looking for a big opening in a month. The dancers and ‘maybe according to my acting’ will call to drop my contact information.

“I wrote my real name and number on a piece of paper and walked out, thanking him for his time and feeling like the dumbest person on earth. 

“The woman at the door asked how it was. I replied, “That’s great; see you later.” Two weeks later, they called me and told me I was no longer interested and that it was at its end.