5 Reasons Why You Should Compare Yourself to Others.

Many people depict that comparing yourself to others is very harmful and not entirely healthy. However, they never try to look at it from a different perspective. Surprisingly, you can find your personality and even increase your self-esteem. If the urge to compare yourself with others is already causing you a stomach ache, try to make it a positive habit instead. As some say: If you can’t beat them, join them. So, these are five reasons why you should not break the habit of comparing yourself with others.

Viral9 presents you with 5 reasons why you should compare yourself to others.

1. You get a lot more.

You will achieve a lot
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By comparing yourself with others, you get inspiration from other people, and this helps you grow. Someone else’s activity can motivate you with productivity or relentless effort. Compare yourself with these people and try to develop their best habits. Keep in mind, however, that it is not worth comparing the desired number.

And also, your finances should stay out of this competition because it will only make the world believe that it is unfair. In addition to this example, you should try to understand why someone has so much money. This way, you will get an idea of ​​how much effort you need to put in to live a good life. You need to look at what other successful people are doing and learn from them. 

Remember not to make careless imitations. This knowledge should be tailored to your needs. In this case, you incorporate mindfulness, ask questions, do not copy others.

2. You learn to become a more grateful person.

You will become more grateful
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As we constantly strive to be better and better, we tend to underestimate ordinary things. Fortunately, comparing your life with the lives of others can be a gratuitous gratitude habit. You can develop an appreciation for your life by simply realizing that you have a home, a bed, and food. Some people don’t have half of what you do, so the next time you go to bed, take a minute to remind yourself how happy you are to have a comfortable bed before you go to bed and hit your head on the pillow badly.

3. It helps you to deal with remorse.

will let you cope with regrets
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A study by Concordia University found that comparing our grief with others can lead to positive emotions. A total of 104 individuals of different ages participated in the experiment. He asked them to share their biggest regret. Those who felt that the grief of others was worse showed an increase in positive emotions. This is the so-called low social comparison. 

The idea of ​​feeling good because someone is worse than us. It boosts our self-esteem, promotes positive emotions, and soothes anxiety.

4. It helps you solve problems.

it will help you solve problems
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Comparing your transactions with those you have already dealt with can be comforting and motivating. We can imagine those who are waiting for us to advise our imaginary parents. We can identify how other people face similar problems and implement several solutions to our struggles. You can avoid problems by looking at how others have failed.

After some analysis and comparison, you are less likely to get confused.

5. You fix your personality flaws.

it helps to fix personality flaws
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You can increase your self-confidence while comparing yourself with others. For example, if you are painfully shy, you may be more sociable by comparing yourself and looking at another person. Even if you do not seem to go out of your way, you can learn to imitate others. Well, that’s how humans evolved through comparison and imitation. It is also easy to adjust your poor behavior when you see someone misbehaving. Such a brilliant example is instantly embedded in your memory, and you will never do it again. 

Do you compare yourself with others? If so, how do you feel when you do that?